Town of Cochrane - Town Hall


Within a two-month timeline, Applied Electronics’ Calgary team installed a complex signal matrix from a centralized head end – utilized to distribute content – into nine individual rooms including the Town’s Council Chambers, 250-seat theatre, Community Hall, Hall of Vision, three meeting rooms, staff room and Emergency Operations Centre.

Signals that originate in any of these rooms are available to other areas of the building through a network of switchers, scalers, modulators and amplifiers. The audio conference delegate system provides unequaled intelligibility and is complete with PC management providing flexibility and intuitive operation. A red illuminated halo on each microphone gives a quick visual reference to the gallery of who is speaking.  

The history behind the Town of Cochrane offices relocation started approximately ten years ago when a group of private investors constructed a facility known, at the time, as the Western Heritage Centre. Suffice it to say, their venture failed and the Alberta government owned the building until the town purchased it in 2002.  

The interior of this facility is very unique with “old west” building facades, life size horses and open timber frame construction, all needing to be preserved while bringing it up to a state-of-the-art, functional office space. The building itself is slightly short of 300,000 square feet.

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