Unified Communications Solutions

Bringing forward-thinking, customized application solutions to unify your collaborating teams

Optimizing business processes through unified human and device communications leads to enhanced collaboration, efficiency and cost savings. Employing the right technology reduces latency, improves workflows and minimizes device and media complexities.  From traditional audio and video conferencing systems to Microsoft® Lync®-enabled technologies, to interactive whiteboards and video capture, to data sharing systems and media streaming, Applied Electronics not only delivers the technologies that enhance communication but also brings forward-thinking, customized application solutions to unify your collaborating teams.

With a portfolio of products that provide seamless, unified user-interface and consistent user-experience across multiple devices and media types, Applied Electronics designs presentation and unified communications systems with the goal to enhance human communication and collaboration experiences.

Applied Electronics’ Presentation and Unified Communications solutions include, but are not limited to:

  • Audio and Video Conferencing Systems with Microsoft® Lync® Technology
  • Visual Collaboration Solutions
  • Telepresence Systems
  • 4K Digital Displays
  • Interactive Whiteboards
  • Audio Systems
  • Room Automation Systems
  • Room Scheduling Systems
  • Video Capture Solutions
  • Media Streaming Solutions
  • Media Asset Management, Storage & Archiving Solutions


Applied Electronics featured
Unified Communications Solution


SMART Room System™ for Microsoft® Lync®


Revolutionize Your Meetings

Applied Electronics can help enhance communication and collaboration in your meetings by facilitating participation from team members located in different offices with the use of SMART Room Systems™ for Microsoft® Lync®.

The SMART Room System™ combines touch-enabled displays with an HD video camera, microphones and speakers to enable rich audio, video and data collaboration with Microsoft® Lync® integration.

The SMART Room System™ supports levels of interaction that are unmatched by the competition. With it you can ink over any application, including Microsoft® Excel® and Adobe®. It has more size options than any other Lync Room System and is the only system on the market that is manufactured and supported by one vendor.

  • Interactive Sharing No other Lync Room System allows you to ink on any application (including Microsoft® Excel® and Adobe®).
  • Six Sizes The SMART Room System™ offers more size configurations than any other system in the market.
  • Seamless Integration The SMART Room System™ is the only Lync Room System that is manufactured and supported by one vendor.


How effectively is your business collaborating?

Take the SMART Inspired Collaboration Assessment for Business and get a Detailed Results Report on your collaboration maturity level, a customized radar map offering recommendations for 27 best practices, benchmarking against best-in-class organizations and a baseline ROI for collaboration solutions designed for your business objectives.

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Applied Electronics featured
Unified Communications Solution


Polycom® RealPresence® Platform

A Unique Video Collaboration Experience

Applied Electronics can help create a video network as unique as you are with the Polycom® RealPresence® Platform.


Polycom® RealPresence® Platform solutions provide the highest interoperability, scalability and reliability compared to any other video infrastructure solution available today. Supporting over 75,000 users on a single network, the award-winning RealPresence® Platform will meet all the video collaboration needs of any organization, small or large, and provide seamless connectivity regardless of device type, protocol, network type, or bandwidth.

Key Functionality

  • Virtual Meeting Rooms - allowing people to collaborate with remote teams using any device, from any location
  • Directory Services with Presence - providing a click to call environment where people can quickly and easily video with each other ad-hoc
  • Management Applications - robust, yet easy to navigate management tools for the IT administrator to effectively manage, troubleshoot and plan for an optimized video network
  • B2B and B2C Video Collaboration - video conferencing and content sharing isn’t limited to just your organization - collaborate with partners, customers, vendors, and more


Video SmartStart Offerings
Simple turnkey solutions to video-enable your enterprise. Providing you with all the critical offerings and services to quickly implement, maintain and adopt video collaboration in an easy and affordable way.

Collaboration Servers
Solutions that enable multi-party voice, video and content collaboration at highest quality for lowest cost.

Management Applications
Intelligent solutions to centrally manage, monitor and deliver enterprise video collaboration and cloud based Video as a Service (VaaS). SIP/H.323 video call control and MCU virtualization solution manages & distributes calls across your video network with carrier-grade redundancy, resiliency, and scalability.

Firewall Traversal & Security
Solutions that remove communication barriers and enable internal and external teams to collaborate more easily and effectively over video.

Video Content Management
Solutions that speed up knowledge sharing and overcome the challenges of distance and time by capturing, managing and delivering video contentfrom anywhere to anywhere.

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