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Applied Electronics Brings Innovation to Life at University of Toronto’s New Myhal Centre for Engineering Innovation & Entrepreneurship

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The Myhal Centre for Engineering Innovation & Entrepreneurship is the new home to the University of Toronto’s (U of T) engineering students, researchers, alumni, industry partners and staff — all working together to foster and accelerate innovation through multidisciplinary collaboration. Located in the core of downtown Toronto, the Myhal Centre is the 14th building added to the U of T Engineering precinct at St. George campus.

The newly constructed nine-storey, 160,000-sq.-ft. facility sets a new standard for a Faculty that is ranked as the number one engineering school in Canada and among the best in the entire world.

In late 2017, Applied Electronics was awarded the contract to design, supply and install audio visual systems into numerous learning and collaborations spaces in the new facility.

The Myhal Centre offers a slew of technology-enhanced spaces:

  • A large 468-seat classroom auditorium uniquely designed for dynamic, interactive communications and collaborative learning
  • Eight design studios to support engineering courses and projects
  • Five Technology Enhanced Active Learning (TEAL) classrooms to enable dynamic group work
  • A two-storey aerial robotics laboratory
  • Prototyping and fabrication facilities
  • Multidisciplinary research hubs and collaboration spaces
  • A student-club space to enhance co-curricular experiences
  • 20+ meeting rooms, including Alumni spaces for meetings and mentoring

The Myhal Centre offers opportunities and many essential ecosystems for engineers todevelop their innovative ideas and products, bringing them to fruition for the marketplace.

Lee & Margaret Lau Auditorium

Amongst all the impressive technology-enhanced spaces in the Myhal Centre is the large, uniquely configured Lee & Margaret Lau Auditorium, which backs the foyer of the main entrance to the building. Designed around audience engagement and interaction, the 468-seat classroom auditorium boasts a massive LED video wall and a unique seating configuration, the first of its kind in North America.

Its 468 chairs are arranged around tables in groups of four or six to encourage collaboration, share ideas and engage more actively with each other and their instructors.

The presentation system can make even the smallest demonstration large enough to see from the back of the room, and the stage is large enough to accommodate a full-sized vehicle. The auditorium features a large 11 ft. high by 60 ft. wide LED video wall boast that 300 Christie Velvet Apex Series 2.55mm pixel pitch LED tiles composed in a 10x30 array of landscape orientation and held together by a custom-fabricated RPV matrix mount. Complementing the large video wall are two smaller 5.6 ft. by 14 ft. high LED video walls in a 5x7 array with custom RPV matrix mounts, on each end to deliver incredible visual experiences. A communications system embedded in each table enables the lecturer to display any team’s work onto the stadium-style display array to share their ideas with the entire class. The audio system is composed of 108 Clockaudio low profile through table boundary layer microphones with cardioid polar pattern, BSS mircrophone processors, Shure digital wireless systems Crown audio amplifiers, and Fostex speakers. The presenation system also incorporates a Sharp AQUOS 40” LCD interactive touchscreen display system, two Sharp 32” HD monitors, Panasonic PTZ cameras, a Crestron AirMedia wireless presentation gateway, and an Extron dual recording H.264 streaming media processor. System control and automation is achieved by a customprogrammed Crestron control system composed of a Crestron Digital Graphics Engine 200 w/PinPoint™ UX & 4K DM 8G+® input, a Crestron 64x64 DigitalMedia switcher, and two 21.5” HD touchscreen control panels.

Technology Enhanced Active Learning (TEAL) Classrooms

Technology Enhanced Active Learning (TEAL) rooms support blended modalities of teaching and creative design activities. There is no “front” of a TEAL room: with screens located on every wall, any student can see material from the instructor, and share their ideas with the rest of the class. Instead of desks, moveable tables can be configured to facilitate many different kinds of collaborative learning activities.

The Myhal Centre officially opened on April 2018 and welcomed U of T engineering students back to class later that September.

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