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What is VAST?

The Virtual Applied Service Technician (VAST), simply put, is a small form factor PC that is integrated into the Client’s system. The VAST system will contain all of the relevant software and applications for the Client’s installation, allowing a service technician to access the AV or Broadcast system remotely.

The Virtual Applied Service Technician is a fast, secure and reliable onsite technical resource for Clients located anywhere in Canada. Using Applied Electronics’ remote desktop connection platform, an Applied Electronics Service Technician can troubleshoot, diagnose, monitor, and in most cases, solve an issue quickly - and cost-effectively - remotely from one of our six Service Centres across Canada.


What does the VAST Solution include?

The VAST solution, combined with an Applied Electronics System Service Agreement, can provide the Client with:

  • Periodic System Diagnostic Checks
  • System Hardware Firmware Upgrades
  • Faster Initial Service Response Times

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Benefits of the VAST Solution:

As a part of, or in addition to, your Applied Electronics Service Contract:

  • VAST can connect you to a service technician and, working with them, assist in diagnosing issues without having to wait for a scheduled on-site service call.
  • Software issues (Control System, Audio System, Video System) can be monitored and diagnosed remotely and in most cases fixed.
  • Equipment issues can be assessed, not all issues can be solved remotely; however if equipment needs to be repaired or replaced, the process can be started sooner than waiting for a scheduled service call. Note that an on-site call will be required to replace or Re & Re the equipment for repair.
  • Periodical diagnostic checks can potentially reduce service calls and room down time by: Upgrading system firmware, Checking Projector Bulb Life, Checking equipment temperature (if reportable), Running system self-tests.

How Does the VAST System Work?

The PC has two network ports and built-in Wi-Fi to accommodate most Client situations. During normal operation, the VAST system is switched off. When service is required, a member of the Client’s technical staff will activate the VAST system, allowing Applied Electronics to access the system under the Client’s supervision. When the service session is completed, the Client powers off the Applied Electronics VAST system.

The procedure is similar to allowing a service technician access to the guest internet. In situations where access to the internet is not possible,
due to site policy, a USB powered Internet Stick can be used, as an option. As a Service Technician does not have to drive to site, response times are much quicker.



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