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Audio visual and broadcast technology information from Applied Electronics

Applied Electronics is pleased to provide the Viewfinder newsletter to our clients. It is a company publication that is produced four times a year for the purpose of communicating to clients and suppliers regarding special company events, news updates, new audio visual and broadcast technology product lines and partnerships, project status, as well as new employees who have joined our team.

At Applied Electronics Limited, we are proud of our accomplishments and believe it is important to communicate to clients and suppliers about our current projects and events so that you’ll always see how we are advancing technology for the best results.

A long history of sharing audio visual and broadcast systems integration news with our clients

The first Viewfinder newsletter was published in 1986 and began as an annual four page publication for the first eight years. However, as the newsletter became well read by an increasing number of clients and individuals each year, it was taken to the next level in January of 1995, escalating publication to three issues per year. The Viewfinder newsletter is now published four times a year and is consistently updated with entertaining and enlightening information about upcoming events, system integrations for audio visual and broadcasting and major sales. It is distributed to all of our Audio Visual and Broadcast customers and suppliers, and acts as another marketing tool to get the Applied Electronics name out in the national and international business world.


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