Concordia University Webster Library Visualization Studio

Applied Electronics Builds Virtual Reality Studio at Concordia University’s New Webster Library Visualization Studio

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Concordia University contracted Applied Electronics to design, supply and install a new interactive video wall, a graphic workstation, virtual reality stations, and multiple floor connections in their brand new Visualization Studio on its Montreal campus.

Concordia University’s Webster Library Visualization Studio is an innovative space offering immersive visualizations and analytics to support learning, teaching and research in all disciplines.

The massive interactive video wall boasts  industry’s thinnest profile ultra-narrow bezel LCD monitors — Planar Clarity Matrix G3 LCD Video Wall System — composed in a 3x9 array of 27 46-inch tiles with 1.7 mm bezels.

Students and faculty members can experiment with a high-resolution interactive video wall, a wide range of creative and visualization software, and two HTC Vive headsets. At various times, the studio will host workshops on a range of themes including data experience design, data visualization, extended reality development, and creative coding.

The Visualization Studio provides users with a touch screen interface to select the desired visual layout and audio routing from the available options. This interface allows users to work with a predefined set of 16 preset video layouts and 4 audio routing options.

The presets offer a variety of arrangements of video inputs available in the studio including the studio’s graphic workstation PC, 2 VR workstation PCs, 8 HDMI inputs, and 1 AirMedia wireless presentation system. In addition, users may route HDMI and analog audio sources to up to 4 overhead mono audio zones.

Access to a web interface is available should users require custom visual layouts or the ability to move source windows in real-time.

Students and faculty took their first leap into a virtual reality world in July 2018.

The Visualization Studio features:

  • Interactive LCD display wall measuring 9.2 m x 1.7 m (363.6” x 68.5”) with an available resolution of 11,520 x 2,160 pixels
  • VuWall VuScape video processor capable of displaying and dynamically configuring multiple video inputs on the wall
  • 8 HDMI device inputs, and 3 3.5mm analog audio inputs
  • 4 zones of ceiling audio using Biamp Tesira FORTÉ AI fixed audio DSP server and a Bose amplifier and eight (8) Bose FreeSpace DS loudspeakers.
  • Technical grid on the ceiling
  • Crestron room media controller

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