Applied Electronics Builds Western News Vans for CTV / Bell Media

WestCoast CTV Bell Media van1.jpg


CTV/Bell Media called on Applied Electronics and Frontline again this past year for more custom-build ENG News vehicles. We delivered two almost identical microwave trucks for Brad Hooper at CTV Edmonton/CFRN and Ken Peron at CTV Winnipeg/CKY. These will be among the last high-top ENG vans to be built on the Ford E350 chassis in Canada, since that vehicle is being phased out and replaced next year by the new Ford T-series “Transit”.

The CTV vans are equipped with 48’ Will-Burt pneumatic masts with anti-ice Lukon coating and DTEC II mast safety alarms. They’re powered by 7.0KW gasoline generators and use all-LED lighting in the interiors. Optional gear includes Frontline’s swivel passenger seat, heavy duty rooftop air conditioner, and a pair of extra heaters to help ward off the western Canada cold! The vans have been in daily service since August 2013. Reagen Mitchell at CTV managed the projects for Bell Media.



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