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Display Systems Design and Integration

Applied Electronics Limited is Canda's leading systems integrator of projection technology and elaborate data display systems. We provide technical consultation, design, supply and integration of all components on a Process Control Centre.

Whether it be traffic management, telecommunication networks, electricity power grid distribution systems, the distribution of oil & gas reserves, or police and emergency response that you are monitoring, the need to maximize available resources is universal. The extreme dynamics of these and other industries require control rooms to have vast amounts of information available at a glance. This demanding environment requires specialized projection equipment and elaborate data display designs.


Our Products

With product offerings from technology partners such as Christie Digital, Jupiter, Planar, Barco, and Mitsubishi, Applied Electronics offers command and control centre display systems services from design through to project installation. Complementing our large supplier base is our ability to fabricate custom components, such as data jack panels, lighting control panels, custom hanging and mounting systems, along with other decorative finishing.

Our Service

Having been in the business of building control rooms since 1983, Applied Electronics understands the complexities associated to 24/7/365 operating environments and have the technical knowledge, experience and technological solutions to support operators in such adverse, support-intensive conditions.

Our technical team is extensively trained for control room applications, as
these facilities are unique applications that require purpose-built systems and best practices from design through to installation and operator training. We take into account features such as remote monitoring and control, multiple image configurations, crisis modes, image insertion, and information sharing when designing a control room solution to ensure that operators in a missioncritical state have the essential tools at hand to achieve success.

We have installed and continue to support over 100 control centres across Canada ranging from stationary mission control centres to temporary specialpurpose control room spaces for:

  • Energy & Mining
  • Transportation
  • Military
  • Police & Security
  • Emergency Response
  • Communications/Telco
  • Network Operations
  • Broadcast
  • Medical
  • Research Facilities
  • Education

Our People

The Applied Electronics philosophy has been to provide the industry with technological expertise and strong product support. Today, this includes both design and field professionals. Our field and installation technicians are said to be the key people in our sales team since many of our customers are return customers.

In a changing industry with new technological innovations, having key staff members that can adapt to this environment is critical. The people at Applied Electronics, their talent, knowledge and adaptability to the ever-changing face of technology reinforce our philosophy and provide you with presentation system professionals who can complete your design team. 


The Applied Difference

Typical services include:

  • Extensive review of current projection technology including: pros/cons, yearly maintenance costs, life expectancy and budgetary proposal.
  • General floor plan showing site lines, cones and optimal viewing distances.
  • Vertical room section
  • Screen wall vertical elevation
  • Suggested lighting detail
  • Electrical and mechanical requirements (power & heat loads due to projection display system)
  • Conduit and junction box schedule.
  • Coordinate with designer to optimize human factors pertaining to wall floor and window finishes.




Christie Control Rooms

In mission-critical situations, accurate information is essential for effective communication, collaboration and decision making. At Christie, we’ve spent the last 30 years perfecting video walls that are purpose-built for the demanding requirements of control-room infrastructure environments.

Use Christie® display wall solutions for clear, current and communal information. We help keep 80 million telecommunications customers connected. We help ensure the safe and timely transit of 21,000 daily light rail passengers in Seattle and that 2.25 million customers of Georgia Power have electricity whenever they need it.

24 hours a day, seven days a week

Christie video wall solutions support the 24/7 mission-critical operations of some of the world’s largest organizations. We help them monitor the supply of water, gas and electricity to millions of homes and keep businesses around the world informed of change as it happens.

Providing the visual capability to monitor live events for a new level of public and corporate security, Christie video walls give police and security professionals the display tools needed to identify risky activities and be able to respond swiftly.

Learn more about Christie



Jupiter Systems

Designed for use on video walls, PCs, smartphones and tablets alike, Jupiter’s collaborative visualization solutions are used by businesses and governments in thousands of installations around the world.

Managing the global enterprise requires a 360º view of operations—from supply chain management to sales and distribution.  With visual information coming in from every corner of the business via cameras and applications, the need is to make it all useful, useable, and actionable by the teams who need it now.

Jupiter’s collaborative visualization solutions enable widely dispersed colleagues to see and share critical information anywhere and on virtually any device - on display walls, PCs, smartphones and tablets.

An advanced collaborative toolset allows workers across the globe to get real work done in real time, annotating directly on shared live video, drawing attention to areas of interest, formulating solutions, and observing results as they happen.

Utilities & Telecom
Utilities and telecoms face unending need, unpredictable external forces like weather, fire, and earthquake, and the need to drive greater efficiency.

By getting all of the critical visual information onto video walls, PCs, and mobile devices, where managers can see and share it all, Jupiter provides operators with the real time information they need to reconcile demand with reality. Operators can survey their networks in high resolution, zoom in on potential problems on the grid, and react to prevent cascading problems before they develop.

Traffic & Transportation
Transportation agencies and operators around the world use Jupiter technology to manage traffic, monitor fleets, dispatch emergency response vehicles, anticipate traffic delays and provide alternate routing more quickly and efficiently.

Jupiter uniquely presents real time information from cameras, highway sensors, vehicle GPS systems and other elements of the intelligent transportation system, providing a clear picture to make accurate, informed decisions quickly.

Emergency Operations
Police, fire, and EMS operations centers are required to manage personnel, vehicle fleets, and incidents in real time over large jurisdictions. In the wake of 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina, national, state, and local agencies have created new structures and processes for coordinating responses across multiple agencies to save lives and protect property.

Jupiter solutions enable the sharing of real time video, images, and other data between the field and emergency operations centers.  The result is a common operating picture, full situational awareness and timely, appropriate response.

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Planar Rear Projection Video Walls

For control room customers who require seamless displays, Planar's latest generation of rear projection video wall displays combine excellent image quality, 24x7 reliability, broad source compatibility and unmatched ease of operation and maintenance. Available in a wide range of screen sizes and resolutions, Planar's high-performance rear projection video wall displays include the Clarity™ LED3 Series and the Clarity™ Margay II. Together, they meet the exacting requirements of demanding video wall applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Flexible near seamless tiling in any shape or size
  • Designed for ease of installation and maintenance
  • Superior screen design
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • SiFi3 technology for optimized visual performance and operation
  • Featuring advanced DLP Technology for highest resolution images and true to life color accuracy

Automating optimized visual performance
Our rear projection video walls feature Planar's ground-breaking Set it and Forget it (SiFi3™) technology, which automatically optimizes the visual performance of your video wall throughout its life. By automating critical color balance and lamp functionality, SiFi3 ensures that your video wall, regardless of size, delivers optimized visual performance on a consistent basis, with minimum interruptions.

Clearly superior screen technology
Planar's screen design and manufacturing process delivers a vibrant, perfectly flat, seamless wall of pixels viewable from every critical location within your environment.

Ease of installation & serviceability
Planar rear projection display walls are designed for ease of installation and service with a modular design, motorized image alignment and full front & rear service access. With Planar's built-in diagnostics and modular architecture, any fault can be easily identified and isolated, reducing downtime and keeping vital video walls up & running. In new or retro-fit situations, Planar's video walls can be installed in hours, rather than the days required for most other systems.

Open System
Planar rear projection displays are designed to be compatible with a wide variety of components and technology platforms. Our systems can be integrated quickly and easily with the most popular image processors, networking technology, content management systems, and other audio-visual equipment.

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Barco Powerwalls

Barco’s powerwalls are large-screen display walls that offer a wide range of possibilities. You can choose between a variety of different components, including projectors, controllers and screens, to get exactly the power wall you need for your application. Even the setup is completely user-definable: you can select front or rear projection, a single or multiple projectors, etc.

Large-screen collaboration
Powerwalls are most commonly used as a design, collaboration and engineering tool for interacting with stereoscopic 3D models, or as a presentation tool for many different applications. The brightness, high resolution and color depth of the display make it the solution of choice in the Automotive, Oil & Gas, and other industries. You can also visualize multiple sources simultaneously, in any combination of mono and 3D. Furthermore, Barco’s versatile projectors also let you choose between a wide range of 3D technology.

Multi-source displaying
By using Barco’s XDS Control Center software suite, you control all local and networked sources with mouse and keyboard in a familiar Windows environment. In this way, you can compare two 3D stereo sources in a window while videoconferencing with remote colleagues, or comparing the data to a spreadsheet, for example.

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