Introducing<br/><span class="mark">Vimond IO</span> Cloud Editing
Vimond IO Cloud Editing

Vimond IO is a browser-based video editing and publishing tool running in the cloud.

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EVS<br/><span class="mark">LiveCeption Pure</span> Trade-in Offer
LiveCeption Pure Trade-in Offer

Trade in any replay server for an EVS LiveCeption Pure!

See Trade-in Details
Introducing<br/><span class="mark">New Wave</span> Workspace
New Wave Workspace

New Wave Workspace is an intelligent and flexible workspace management platform that connects users to their workspaces.

See New Wave Workspace
Pexip<span class="mark"> Interop</span> Meeting Solutions
Pexip Interop Meeting Solutions

Pexip for interoperability between video meeting solutions - Cisco, Poly, Microsoft, Google collab tools, audio conferencing.

Pexip Interoperability Solutions
Logitech<br/><span class="mark"> Video</span> Collaboration
Video Collaboration

Logitech Video Collaboration Solutions for easy, effective, and reliable video solutions for meeting spaces.

Logitech Video Collaboration
Mobile Cart<br/>for<span class="mark"> Hybrid Learning </span> Environments
Mobile Cart
for Hybrid Learning Environments

Customizable, hardware-agnostic solution designed for hybrid learning spaces.

See Mobile Cart Solution
VideoFlow<br/><span class="mark">Over Any </span> IP Network
Over Any IP Network

VideoFlow is driving the evolution of digital video contribution and distribution to IP networks.

See VideoFlow Solutions
MultiCAM<br/><span class="mark">All-in-One</span> Solutions
All-in-One Solutions

MultiCAM offers a wide range of all-in-one solutions for live video production.

See MultiCAM Solutions
Imigo Council<br/><span class="mark">Meeting</span> Control
Imigo Council
Meeting Control

Imigo is a Customizable, Hardware-Agnostic, Tailored Solution designed by Applied Electronics to enhance the user experience and functionality.

See the IMIGO Solution
Introducing<br/><span class="mark">EditShare</span> Workflow
EditShare Workflow

EditShare Media Workflow, Storage & Editing solutions that simplify your production workflow, allowing your creativity to flourish unrestrained.

See EditShare Solution
Kramer Tag<br/><span class="mark">Contact</span> Monitoring
Kramer Tag
Contact Monitoring

Kramer Corona Tag: a social distance monitoring device designed for the workplace to keep employees safe.

See Kramer Corona Tag
Live Stream<br/><span class="mark">Your Service</span> from Home<br/>or <span class="mark"> Church</span>
Live Stream
Your Service from Home
or Church

New Alberta Grant for worship facilities available. Stream your services for safety.

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AI-Based<br/><span class="mark">Live Sports</span> Streaming
Live Sports Streaming

AELSportsStream is an AI-based live sports recording & streaming solution to create & deliver live action on-demand.

See AELSportsStream Solution
Displays for <br/><span class="mark">Retail Spaces<br/></span>
Displays for
Retail Spaces

LG's innovative retail display solutions help enhance the customer experience in retail and commercial spaces.

See LG Displays for Retail
latakoo<br/><span class="mark">Large Video</span> Transfer
Large Video Transfer

With one click, send content quickly, simply and securely regardless of the video type, file size, Internet connection, or hardware variables.

See latakoo Solutions
Remote<br/><span class="mark">IP-Based</span> Storytelling
IP-Based Storytelling

Achieve better Remote Production with Viz Vectar, a compact, powerful production switching system.

See Remote Production Solutions
Remote<br/><span class="mark">Education</span> Solutions
Education Solutions

Supporting the continuity of operations for Higher Education institutions by providing Remote Education Media Solutions.

See Remote Education Solutions
Live <br/><span class="mark">Production & Broadcast</span> from Home
Production & Broadcast from Home

TVU Anywhere & TVU Producer: cloud-based software production switcher controlled from laptop/mobile device.

Remote Broadcast Solutions
GPA<br/><span class="mark">Think Global</span> Act Global
Think Global Act Global

Delivering a global customer experience for multi-national customers.

Learn about the GPA
Digital<br/><span class="mark">Wellness</span> Stations
Wellness Stations

Ideal for any space where groups congregate, this sanitary kiosk with digital display provides PPE gear to keep people safe & informed.

See Sanitary Digital Kiosk
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We offer systems design, supply, integration, and technical service & support.  Applied Electronics delivers innovative solutions to improve workflows, communication and collaboration for companies with media integration requirements.

Audio Visual Solutions

Applied Electronics specializes in communication and collaboration technology. In-depth services begin at conceptual design and continue through to product installation. Projects include command and control centres, corporate auditoriums, legislative and council chambers, educational and training facilities, executive boardrooms, video conferencing facilities, and digital signage.

AV Services

Global Solutions

As GPA's Canadian Team, Applied Electronics delivers standardized global collaboration solutions to enterprises worldwide. It takes a focused multi-national team like the GPA to deliver on global standards and achieve the ROI of a consistent user experience to any location in the World. GPA offers international resources, AV/NOC support and global standards for AV, UC & IT delivery.

Learn how GPA's VELOCITY unified communication & collaboration solutions can be easily deployed globally.

GPA Velocity Rooms


Media Broadcast Solutions

Applied Electronics offers a complete range of products for the Canadian broadcasting, production and post-production industries. We supply and support the latest broadcast technology offerings for master control, studio and post production, digital news production and mobile broadcasting. Our product portfolio includes any and all components required to build a radio, television, post production or mobile facility.

As your full service partner, Applied Electronics designs, integrates and supports many varied and unique projects. From managing projects in the broadcast and post production industries, to facilitating builds in the government, educational, healthcare and sports genres, our experience will help you deliver your project on time and on budget. We encourage you to learn more to discover why Applied Electronics is your best valued partner.

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