Integration Group

Systems design, project management, and programming for all of your audio visual and broadcasting systems

Our in-house CAD team consist of designers who have many years of experience in architectural and technology design, allowing them to create effective audio visual and broadcasting solutions across a wide range of applications. The designers not only work with our own sales representatives and project managers, but also with clients' technical staff to produce drawings that reflect the client’s concept, equipment selection, and desired functionality. The Senior Engineer is an active participant in the installation and integration phase, working with the installation crew to address questions and/or concerns with the functional drawings.

Our Project Managers oversee the activities of each project and ensure that everything is completed on time and within budget for both broadcasting and audio visual integrations. With over a decade of experience each, our Project Managers have invaluable knowledge and skills to identify and coordinate critical tasks. They create and manage timelines, task schedules and outlines for status meetings and technical sessions while monitoring progress, troubleshooting, and managing the contractual issues of the project, such as change orders and billing. Applied Electronics has an excellent track record of meeting critical on air dates, often under less than ideal circumstances.

Our experienced Technical Team provides a high level of programming and training for various project integration and system builds. All of our technical team members are certified in the various manufacturer equipment and technologies that we integrate and install. We guarantee that the technical team team for your project is equipped with certified programmers with designated systems training in the technologies that you require for a complete and successful project. To maintain a pulse on the rapidly growing technologies in our industry, our technical staff receives annual training in order to stay current on all systems that we service and install.

Our technical training includes but is not limited to:

  •     Crestron
  •     Extron
  •     DSP (DIS, ClearOne, BiAmp, Polycom, BSS Blue, ClearOne, Peavey - NEON, Media Matrix, Polycom)
  •     Audio Measurement
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