GPA strives for better! By its nature this involves approaching things differently! We challenge ourselves to do both every day. While we are a technology integrator, it is improvement in the collaborative experience and the outcomes this can produce that inspires and motivates us! We want to help you create environments for engaged employees, inspiring your users with the tools we deliver to share their knowledge and ideas. To work together to perform at their best.

We have spent more than a decade understanding the impact diversity and globalization has in fulfilling those goals. In today’s global economy, workplace technology solutions need to be simple, scalable, and standardized. A simple enough aspiration, yet fraught with challenges and complexities at global scale with the cultural, logistics, language, currency, time zone, and bureaucratic variables global brings.


Our goal is simple: to mitigate those challenges for global enterprise organizations in order to deliver the solutions & services that allow your most valuable assets – your people – to communicate and collaborate better. We offer you our global team – with a truly global perspective, committed to operational excellence, and ready to help you navigate your next global meeting and collaboration technology deployment program. Allow the GPA to be your global advantage!

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Our 4 Distinctive Standards:


Consistent strategy, design, products, programming and support globally.


Backed by local teams, deploying and delivering global roll outs faster tahn ever before.


Deploy and deliver the right AV technology solution at large scale.


Creating functional and easy to operate workspaces.


What Makes Us Different?


In our continued pursuit of excellence, GPA has developed a highly refined  Global Deployment Program. It’s our responsibility to make sure you get the best outcome by focusing on standards, efficiency and support throughout the project lifecycle. 


With over 200 offices worldwide we can service and support most major business capitals. We have the local experts who are adept at handling the taxation, import and other compliance requirements that might hinder successful global deployments.


Our agile business model removes the traditional barriers of working with global teams, improving efficiency in the operational delivery. The end result for our clients is  improved communication and consistent outcomes for deployment.

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