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Images courtesy of the University of Calgary, Taylor Family Digital Library.


The University of Calgary’s new state-of-the-art learning and research centre is a model for the 21st century library. A special part of the Taylor Family Digital Library (TFDL ) is the Visualization Studio on the fourth floor which allows professional research to be displayed in detail on a floor-to ceiling, wall-to-wall high resolution screen, custom designed and built by Applied Electronics.

Faculty members needed digital real-estate to simultaneously
view multiple digital objects in a collaborative environment, but the quality of that digital space also had to be at a high standard. Specifically, the resolution of the screens had to be crisp, latency could not be noticeable and it had to be easy for researchers to input their research data into the system. The Visualization Studio allows astronomers to explore deep space and the mysteries of the Aurora Borealis in new detail or geologists to map out soil sample data and discover new patterns.

The large 15-screen monitor wall composed of a 3x5 array of 46-inch DNP Cross Prism screens made from an acrylic styrene copolymer material which are highly resistant to unstable projection environments, retains its dimensions and provides invisible seams. The result is a smooth, clean image – even close up. Bringing the screens to life are 15 Christie Digital Entero WUXGA LED illuminated DLP rear screen tiling projectors that display an ultra-high resolution of 9600 x 3240 pixels, purpose-built for 24/7 data monitoring environments.

Located on a separate floor, the server room houses a Jupiter Systems Fusion Catalyst display wall processor and 25 Magenta Research Voyager fiber-optic transmitters that transmit uncompressed ultra-high resolution video signals between both rooms. The TFDL opened to students and faculty the first week of September 2011 with the Visualization Studio also visited by Ivy League schools as inspiration for their own new spaces.

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