History of Applied Electronics Limited

An evolution of experience in broadcast and audio video equipment and technology

Applied Electronics is a family business that was started in 1958 by Michael Stechly. Over fifty years later, and following the loss of Michael Stechly to cancer in 1985, Applied Electronics is owned and managed by Michael’s two sons, Paul and John, and his daughter, Susan. Their passion, commitment and experience in AV and broadcast technology represent their father’s legacy, and these attributes are at the forefront of Applied Electronics’ reputation and success.

Michael Stechly graduated from Ryerson Polytechnic Institute as an Electronics Technologist in 1953 and joined McCurdy Radio as a Test Technician, he was promoted to a Sales Manager shortly after. With a strong business acumen, he always maintained a business approach to broadcast technology that was based on establishing open, honest relationships with clients, employees, and colleagues. As a result, he developed a loyal clientele and many friendships in the industry.

At age 26, Michael started his first business venture called “Applied Business Systems” located in Etobicoke, Ontario, employing one other employee as a secretary. Mike was an incredibly entrepreneurial man with a drive for success. He subsequently began a handful of other businesses ranging from broadcast equipment to medical supplies, some of which did not thrive as well as his first endeavor business did.

An image of Michael Stechly

He incorporated the company as “Applied Electronics Limited” in 1961. Since then, the company has grown rapidly in tandem with the Canadian broadcasting industry in the heady days of the 1970s, and diversified in the early 1980s, expanding into the Audio-Visual industry. More recently, Applied Electronics embraced the rapidly evolving digital domain and became a national leader in digitally based production equipment and software as well as high definition technology.

Throughout its history, Applied Electronics has earned and proudly maintained its status as Canada’s largest audio visual and broadcast supplier and integrator. Applied Electronics has a team of professionals who serve our clients from six offices across Canada.

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