We believe every business has a role and responsibility in reducing their carbon footprint. We realize the importance of protecting the environment and in doing our part to help sustain it.

Applied Electronics is committed to preserving the environment and reducing our carbon footprint by complying with, or exceeding, all relevant Canadian environmental laws and regulations, while supporting and promoting sustainable, eco-friendly initiatives.

We understand that we must be leaders in sustainable, working environmental policies, including the implementation of electronic processes, proper handling of equipment packaging, recycling programs, methodologies to increase efficiency by reducing our carbon footprint, power-saving system designs, and more.

Applied Electronics deploys a number of initiatives on a national basis as part of our own internal commitment to sustainability, as well as assisting our clients with their initiatives.



All of our offices make full use of the automation solutions that we frequently deploy at our client sites to interface with room occupancy sensors which ensures that lighting and presentation systems are shut off when rooms are not in use. We have also installed programmable thermostats in our office that interface with occupancy sensors and automation systems to reduce heat & AC loads in spaces not being used.

Many of our lighting systems have been upgraded to low energy LED fixtures to further reduce power consumption in our offices. 


Green Space

Many of our offices are leased and therefore have little control over external green spaces. However, our Mississauga head office building is company-owned and has a significant amount of green space intentionally left unpaved.



Applied Electronics owns a large fleet of service vehicles across the country. In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint, we have replaced many of the larger vans suitable for transporting large electronic goods to client sites with smaller, more fuel efficient cars & small vans. Most offices share a single large van when there is a need to transport goods to site. Technicians are encouraged to carpool to client sites to further reduce the number of service vehicles used.

Our Mississauga office includes a shower facility and employees are encouraged to cycle to work when weather permits.

Our employees make extensive use of our Unified Communication systems to communicate internally and externally with clients instead of using motor transportation.

Applied Electronics is committed to working with our business partners to reduce our environmental footprint.


Each of our offices have recycling facilities for paper, metal, and food containers. Our employees are encouraged to reduce printing of documents, as well as to re-use recycled paper for internal memos, scratch pads, etc.

We routinely employ the services of e-recyclers to dispose of non-functioning electronic goods in accordance with provincial regulations. Clients are provided proof of disposal, if a request is made.


Low-flow faucets and toilets have been installed in the Applied Electronics owned building.

Employees are encouraged to reduce their water usage.


The management at Applied Electronics encourages our employees to receive ongoing training on the latest energy saving solutions, in an effort to advise our clients on solutions that they can deploy in their own facilities to improve their conservation efforts. This includes interfacing with building automation systems to monitor room occupancy, adjust lighting, window shades, and mechanical systems accordingly.

Health & Wellbeing

Applied Electronics takes the mental health of employees very seriously. The ownership has invested in an employee mental health support service, which is offered through our company benefits plan.

Employees are encouraged, and often mandated, to take their full vacation allotment to ensure proper breaks and stress relief yields optimal benefits for employees’ mental health.


Supplier Partnerships

Applied Electronics knows that supplier sustainability policies are important considerations when selecting between multiple offerings. We work with suppliers focused on reducing waste through innovative manufacturing & packaging strategies. Our management team reviews our supplier policies on a regular basis and applies the findings in our design decisions.

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