McGill University Max Bell School of Public Policy

Montreal, QC

McGill University’s Max Bell School of Public Policy is committed to the research, teaching, public outreach, and practical advocacy of sound public policy.

McGill University awarded the contract to Applied Electronics to design, supply and integrate audio visual technology in new classrooms at the Max Bell School of Public Policy, located in Montreal, Quebec.

Applied Electronics elevates the classroom experience at McGill University Max Bell School of Public Policy.

The project consisted of a large reconfigurable classroom set-up leveraging eight front projection systems with Dalite motorized screens and Panasonic ceiling mounted projectors around the perimeter of the room to maximize the field of view from any location in the room.

The large classroom includes a custom designed lectern equipped with a Crestron touchpanel to control the video matrix switcher (16 x 16), which can send any of the video sources to any of the projectors. This ability to display different content on different screens allows for more engaging learning experiences.

The audio system boasts three discreet yet powerful Shure MXA910 ceiling array microphones and QSC DSP audio processor.

Lectures are captured and recorded using the two ceiling-installed QSC PTZ cameras, which feed to a lecture recording system.

Hybrid classrooms serving in-person and remote students.

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Hybrid Classrooms

Two 20-student seminar classrooms Crestron DMPS3-300C high-definition presentation control and signal routing solution tying into a wireless Crestron AirMedia® Presentation System 200 designed for classrooms. Each seminar classroom is also equipped with Panasonic projectors, Dalite motorized screens, a QSC audio processor, Shure ceiling tile microphone, and QSC PTZ cameras for lecture capture and recording.

In addition to these teaching spaces are ten smaller collaboration rooms ― all identically equipped for web conferencing, each offering students a Panasonic 43’’ display monitor, a Yamaha web camera and sound bar, a wireless Crestron AirMedia® Presentation System 200, and a Crestron FlipTop™ Touch Screen Control System which provides a stylish, flush mount tabletop design.

Keeping Student Connected and Informed

A digital signage system running on two BrightSign players to drive content two displays mounted at the reception and main hall area, to keep students informed of important news and events happening at the Max Bell School of Public Policy.

The project was completed on time and within budget. The classrooms filled with students eager to develop the skills and understanding to solve the most important issues facing Canada and the world today.

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