TVA IP Routing System Upgrade

Montreal, QC

Groupe TVA is the largest private French-language television broadcaster in North America, and it operates the over-the-air television network TVA and a number of specialty channels.

TVA recognized that their core SDI router was reaching its end of life, as it was installed and has been in operation at TVA for over 15 years. The core router was no longer supported, and spare parts were becoming increasingly rare. TVA needed to find a solution because the router was the backbone of all the incoming feeds.

Applied Electronics Delivers a Custom-Designed Proof-of-Concept EVS IP Routing System to TVA.

TVA’s existing infrastructure was composed of a 512 x 512 SDI router that served five (5) technical control rooms, nine (9) production control rooms, across three (3) buildings. It was the main input path for the distribution, processing and conversion of all signals being used at TVA, for all 15 channels associated with Groupe TVA.

For the operational side as well as for live broadcast and recording, TVA had to change everything, and they needed to make a decision and opted to go for a complete replacement.

In early 2021, TVA reached out to Applied Electronics to provide technical consultation and partnership. Working closely with TVA, Applied Electronics conducted an analysis and delivered an operational proof-of-concept in collaboration  with EVS and Arista for the routing and IP switches. 

SMPTE ST 2110 IP-based UHD 60p infrastructure

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Operational Proof-of-Concept

Together with TVA, a solution was developed to meet the needs of TVA in Montreal, and the development team worked over six months on the proof of concept to conclude that the EVS solution offered the best solution that would allow TVA to evolve and scale.

EVS’ certification and training program, which TVA’s engineering and maintenance team attended and completed, enables their team to understand and maintain all details of the system and its integration during their daily operations.

This technology and the system offers TVA many opportunities to master their core sytem and its functions. 

TVA plans to build upon the EVS technology in the future and can simplify the technological complexity using the Strada solution, Cerebrum and Neuron from EVS. The best part is that Strada will enable new and better workflows for TVA, which was not possible before. 

The system upgrade was a complete success and TVA transition seamlessly to an IP system in the summer 2021.

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